Athlete Recruiting Videos

Recruiting Video Services
What Coaches Want to See in a Recruiting Video-
Visit the websites of the schools you are interested in and check out their video requirements. We can make a tape that follows those specific criteria.
 Here Are The Services I Will Provide:
1. A  short highlight tape that runs between 3-6 minutes.
2. If a coach requests a game video, I will provide that, also.
3. Depending on your sport, the coach may also ask for a skills demonstration video.
4. Your contact information will be labeled clearly on the video.This includes your personal information along with your jersey color and number.
5. The video will have- smooth transitions, steady images, and simple graphics to identify you on the field. Nothing fancy except for your talent on display.
6. A brief introduction (15-30 seconds) that says  who you are, what  position you play and a  thank you to the coach for viewing it.
A high school coach interview can be included, if requested.
NOTE: If you are even tentatively considering playing at the collegiate level, make sure you  visit the  NCAA Eligibility Center ( ) by the end of your sophomore year and begin the registration process.

Event Videos and Slideshows

Promotional, Educational, or Family Moments Video Services
Here Are the Services I Will Provide:
1. You provide the sorted, numbered photos, music selection, and the text you wish to include and I will produce a thoughtful, elegant, and visually pleasing slideshow.
Typical events Weddings, Memorials, or Birthdays, Big Games and other Special Occasions.
Titles, transitions, Ken Burn’s effects, and a music background will accompany your slideshow. 
You may also mix photos and video clips to be integrated into a Photo-Video Montage.